Just simply updates ha!

Hey dolls sup!

Its saturday and im currently lougin in bed!!!...sooo tired had a very long full day and well my feet hurt now lol.it was a fun day spent with the fam just out and about.we ventured over to the mall and did some walking around and shoppin.really the whole reason i wanted to go was to get some food..yum the panda express orange chicken is soo delics i luvs it!..i know i went all the way to the mall for some chinese but whatever i REALLY wanted some and one of my brothers ate half of it not to pleased about that lol

You guys are gonna be so mad i was gonna take pictures and everything today had my camera ready but it was just to much going on so lo siento!!im gonna try to add sum more pics up when i stop being so lazy haha..so after all of that going to diffent stores buying different things we decided to head home and they were gonna do yard work but yall kno me..i sat and watched lol.in between doing this i got me a small oreo blizzard from DQ yum so good.i couldnt eat it all so i had to save that and the rest of my chinesse hopefully no one will eat it so that i can remind myself of just how delitful all of it was lol.

I dont know what it is with me and food lately.i sometimes get into these sorta "eating spells"where it just seems like i want it all lol.but most of the time i dont feel like eating and i force myself to eat dinner(i almost NEVER eat breakfast and sumtimes not even lunch depends on if im hungry or not).isnt that weird i dont eat breakfast but i like breakfast food specially pancakes omg those r fireaaaah.i made sum the other day for the fam and they were so lite brown and fully!

Im so tired rite now and should prob be sleeping but i feel like i havent been here much updatin things and events on me so what better time then now when i know i got stuff to say so thats what this post is all about.cant not give my faitful readers something new to read about ;)..o before i forget i noticed the other day that someone had left a comment on my blog in the comment section awhile back but i never got an email for it.sooo sorry i hope u didnt think i was being snooty by not respondin :).but for now on i ask for u guys to leave ur comments or if u wanna just say a quick hey in the "talk to me box"off to the side and if u forget and wanna comment in the comment section i will just regularly chck my comments section now :).

Laying in bed relaxing watching Roseanne so im gonna jet now.be safe on the rest of ur saturday nite!..nite luv to all *smooches*

P.S. i hope u guys like what i did to the blog..imin love with it!

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