Been awhile hu ? haha

Hey dolls, so its been awahile since ive updated my blog lo siento haha but im back and ready 2 give info on yours truelly!btw i hope all has been going good with you guys *huggz*

Anyway i know u guys are ike "this trick aint been here in awhile she better have sumthin to talk about"lol..well i dont know if its interesting but...i have recently decided to change my major in skool..i know i know ppl change their majors in college..but heres the thing since im changin and my clases were "nursin" courses i cant go 2 skool this fall : (..i mean im sad about it but im glad to have figured this out now then have gone to skool and been miserable not really wantin to be there..i have discoved that i really want to do sumthin with animals..u guys see it im like "inlove"with animals i think theyre so cute and cuddly and need sumone to protect them and help them!

But the only catch is i havent told mother/father this."AAHHHHHHH" im dreadin this but i know i have to tell them bcause they know that skool is supposed to be startin soon..pls give me the strength to tell the fam..i feel that theyre gonna be so dissappointed with me..ill be sure to tell u guys on how that event will pay out..soooo dreadin it tho......

I hung out with a friend my buddy danielle over the weekend..always good to see her..everytime we get together theres always fighting and arguin playfully of course i love her shes such a doll! other news my homie candy is believed to have a REALLY infected finger :( i havent seen her in like FOREVER i miss you baby gurl cant wait to hang again gurl get that finger well supa dupa fast give it sum of my luv *smooches*..u guys wish her finger a "get well" ;)

So thats pretty much it..i know not much but atleast im back 2 a "regular post" other news tho my gurl MISS JANET is back at work after 2wks off..stay strong i love you!!!!

Right now tho im on twitter updatin it since i wasnt on tha net ALL day yesterday ahhhh howd i do it a whole complete day with gettin on tha net...i had alot of twitter msgs to catch up on lol..btw if you arent followin me on twitter..well whats takin u so long....

Im also watchin bow live on twitter on his ustream..i dabble in it from time to time when he goes live cuz hes just super funny plus it helps pass time lol..i cant say imma huge fan of his music (most of it is cool) but hes def eye candy rite ladies haha

Anyway im gonna finish watchin him (well maybe lol..he isnt doin 2 much)so i may jump n tha shower then just chill tha rest of tha nite with sum peeps!

Nitey nite luv 2 all *smooches*

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