Janet and JD havinh rocky moments?!

Heres whats being repoted:

In the wake of Michael Jackson’s death, why on earth has Janet Jackson’s longtime lover Jermaine Dupri been?Last week reports surfaced that the music masterminds had broken up, however Pop Tarts has learned that there is still a chance for reconciliation between the two.“Jermaine has decided to take a step back and cool things off but they aren’t totally broken up,” said an insider, adding that keeping his distance from the press and Jackson family is his way of dealing with death and tragedy.We’re told Jackson and Dupri’s romance turned rocky last September when Janet’s album “Discipline” (produced by her beau) flopped and she was then released from her contract with label Island Def Jam per her request. To make matters worse, at the time Dupri was President of the label’s Urban Music division, although he stepped down in January of this year.But despite the hiccups, the music moguls worked through it and just a few weeks prior to Michael’s death they even enjoyed a getaway together in Monaco along with Jermaine Jackson and his partner Halima Rashid.“They will be back together in full force very soon,” said a source.Janet told Pop Tarts last year that although Dupri was “the one” she had no intention of tying-the-knot.“In this day and age, I feel we don’t need that piece of paper. For myself I don’t need that to validate what I have with someone,” she said. “It’s about a spiritual commitment and finding your soul mate and not really exchanging vows with one another, that’s enough for me at least.”Another source close to Dupri said that about a month before MJ died he made the decision to “take a break” as they wanted different things.“Janet wanted to start a family but that’s not what Jermaine wanted,” said the pal. “But everyone is confident they will work it out.”A rep for the pair did not respond for comment.

All i can say is Jd get yo act 2gethere dont b leavin my gurl J high n dry!..u guys can work things out..u gotta...sad sad..

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