Yesterday was great!

Hey guys got some exciting news!!!my oldest sister just had her second baby yesterday now im an aunt for the third time!iam a proud aunt might i add lol.She had a c-section so as for now shes taking it a bit easy and getting alot of much needed rest. As for the baby hes kicking strong with a VERY loud cry and super beautiful :).

I wanted to see all the yuckie stuff that they do during the c-section so i left my camera with the dad BUT of course he didnt get it lol atleast he took some pretty good snap shots of the baby when they pulled him out!still would have been pretty cool to see all the insides...dont judge me lol

When we first saw the baby all we could say was he looks just like his brother lol.It was cool and of course I held the little guy while he gave me mean faces(idk if this one is gonna like me or not either haha)Since shes going to be in the hospital for awhile we have my other nephew and even the dogs so its a full noisy house over here lol but I cant complain I love having them around!

Events leading up prior to this date we went Christmas shopping!Im so excited this is the first year Ill be taking part in actually giving gifts (usually im broke lmao) but this year I got you, and you, and even YOU a gift righttttttt lol.Candace Ill have to do you guys gifts kinda diff cuz I cant decided who should get what que'?:/ and Danielle I got you buddy :)!

I need to go will be heading up to the hospital shortly and need to catch some much needed Zzzzzz's I think since its so chilled outside its putting me to sleep lol.catch you guys on the flipped side :)


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