Things on my mind..

Just alot on my mind as of lately and I know its been awhile since ive done one of my heart fealt postings so its that time again lets get it innnnnnnn!

Recent events have just made me want to scream!You know what I mean?People for instant Ive learned a few things. Ive learned to let the past be the past. You cant change what happens or what is going to happen. Im for one am done with all the foolishness I dont need that extra drama in my life and Im to the point where if thats all you're going to bring then its time for you to leave. No I will not disclose any names because Iam not talking about one specific person Iam just speaking in general.

Anothere thing that bugs me about people is not saying whats on you're mind. Iam a strong believer in speaking ones mind.Sometimes I speak without thinking which can sometimes be a drag lol but hey atleast its out there.Dont leave someone in the dark no matter if it hurts their feelings truth hurts and I dont know about you guys but Id rather be told the truth rather than listening to lies.

I know my problems and am trying to work through them. I build up a wall as away to not let anyone in or to close to me. Its just a habbit from ever since I can remember. No nothing dramatic happened I just like to keep nonsense out of my life as much as possible. As of lately Ive learned how to let my wall come down while blocking out bs that may come with it!!!

Ill repeat again that Im not really talking about anything/anyone specifically just crap thats built up on mind over a few weeks and am now just getting around to letting it all out as best as I can.

Im enjoying reconnecting with old friends Ive had. I cant believe how long its been. I hadnt realized how "to myself" Ive been until recently and am screaming to myself "why didnt anyone tell me"!lol.

I gotta go wish I could write more. Will maybe have to do like a part two. I say that all the time and never get around to it haha.Ill try this time : )


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