Rant part 2.

So I was sitting here getting ready to watch a movie,yet I cant seem to focus because something is itching at my mind thus this post.

Something or shall I say some people are really bugging me. Its not exactly what they say (or lack there of) its more of what they dont say. (Refer to my earlier post where i stated "people should say whats on their mind no matter if it hurts the persons feelings"). I just have alot that I want to say, and not really sure how I want to go about saying it so forgive me for my rambling!

Lets just call the person uh Jamie therefore Iam speaking of either gender at once lol. Im really on the Border line of making a decision of if I really want these people in my life because for one I can already see the risk I will be taking as usual. We can just say Ive learned from my mistakes and am learning to block/see the bs form as it happens. What this (one) person has done has proved that the trust is slowly but surely slipping away.

Now I can be a full and play this ish to the left or I can address the issue head on. I dont know about you guys but i aint playing nothing to the left Im sorry but Ive asked the questons and you cant come up with the answers??? then its time for you to sweap dust. Why I ask can people pretend to be so busy? Im sorry but if you are not a DOCTOR on CALL im sure you have at least 2 hours to spare get out of here with all that lol!

Like I said these statments that Iam making are for either gender ( for people who know me so they wont be asking who you talking about? do I know them? lol)

As Iam writing Iam starting to feel much better to finally get this off of my mind. I guess you can say this is part two of my last post just more detailed :).There is more that I want to say but Ive gotten the more important things off of my mind now I can watch this movie without itching at my mind lol

A big fat BOOOOO to the lmaeo's who this post is about,even if I dont personally know you Im sure someone you know feels this way about you to lol!!!

xoxo to all my readers you guys are the BEST and you're comments are appreciated!!!!

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