Christmas recap

How was everyon es Christmas??Mine was pretty good well spent with the fam!only thing was it snowed alot so I wasnt able to go out and see some of the fam. Yall know I was not trying to get stuck in the snow like some them fools lol.

How about Christmas is over and I STILL got some of my friends Christmas gifts under the tree lmao smh. But I have been working and the roads were a mess so yeah whatever at m and my excuses lol I plan on delivering some of the today :)

While we are speaking of gifts let me show ya'll some of the Janet and make up stuff I racked up in yes be jealous hoes lol

How about I know all this is from her 2008 tour BUT ish was expensive back then so I aint get it lol thanks mother :) I love it. Im telling yall one of these days Im just gon get up and get dressed in all my Janet gear yes honey take that POW lmao!

Well anyway those where just a few of my gifts. However you spent the holiday I hope it was a good one and I hope everyone remembered what that day really means xoxo to all!

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