To whoop or not to whoop?!..

Joy behar (i believe thats how you spell her last name) anyway believes in the "dont spank your child" because he/she will grow up not to trust their iam 19 and i remember getting 2 whoopings in my life and i have the up most respest for my parents and i trust them uncontrolably!-if you ask me i say more kids these days need 2 get whooped.notice i said "whooped" not "beat" lol.

now dont get me wrong everyone is entitled to their own opinions and how they choose to raise their children i just think theres nothing wrong with giving your kid a good swatt every now n then espeically when they aint behaving lmao.

so parents i say whoop on but dont beat your kids dont send em out with no black eyes n broken arms im not saying do that sayin a hit or 2 on the butt will do it and set them straight for a few days unless you have boys we all know boys are a different story!

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