Small Update!..

Hey baby dolls sorry about the delayed posting!!!!

lets see what has been going in my life lately hm*thinks* o yeah one of my exs has decided he wants to try in come back into my life.we've actually been doing alot of talkin these past few days but im still on the fence.i kind of like being single and not having the dramam and hassles of a relationship at the moment.BUT on the flip side sometimes i do want to be with someone no one imparticular.You know how you just get in that "lonely" slumb??lol.but anway until i decided once and foremost wut it is that i want lets just say ya girl tiffay will be single and ready to mingle!!

Other then that ive been spending alot of time with the fam.especially since my cousin dmont just came hom from the marines to visit for a was sooo good to see him i havent seen him in a long time.he came back with his VERY preggos wife and one yr old son (talk about not wasting no time lmao)-thats like the fifth chick in my fam to be preggos all in the same time.whew talk about baby shower after baby shower and ontop of that all my siblings birthdays are all in one month october o help my bank account lol.since this is the first time me being employed everyone will get "actual" gifts this yr ive been saving so thats the plan im so excited-keep in mind plans are liable to change tho lol

there are so many things i wanna do as of lately!-but rite now its auntie and nephew time.ill holla at yall later. xo *smooches*

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