I'm back!....

Hey guys, finally im back in the spirit of blogging! new layout for a new attitude. Do you guys like the new layout? I hope you all do. It still needs some work but I've given it ALOT of tlc haha.

Lets where do I begin-I've been chatting it up with my ex these past few days. AHHH what am I get myself into why come on Tiff snap out of it you say! I cant lol. The conversation with him just flows so easily, and there's no need to being shy with "certain" topics because he knows me. But the good news is that I'm not sucked back into him. You know what I'm talking about? Like when he calls and wants some company I don't drop what I'm doing and go running, no sweet heart not this time ; ).

Anyway that's that i cant say anymore of what some of the convo's have been about (get out the gutters kiddies lol) I'm just going to leave some parts out simply for me!

Finally I'am not sore anymore. Whew I love my job but them people can drive you crazy but i love them all and i even kind of miss them <3..But still I be coming home with brusies all over I'm like dang man where do I work and do I atleast get a hit in lmao but i still <3 em all : ).

I believe top model is going to coming on sometime to night so yayay excited i freaking love that show now i can get back to practicing my "fierce" runway walk haha

I'm going to be doing alot more blogging especially since some friends of mine are gone away to college and want to me kept up with me cause I'm important like that lol. So consider ya'll selves warned. Ya'll take care of yourself and of course God bless xoxo *smooches*

quick shout out to all my followers, Danielle, and Candace hey gurl hey lol

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