Black Expo experience..

Hello everyone, As always I hope everyone is doing well.

Let's jump into this! So I got invited a couple days ago by my bestfriends to attend the black expo with them. Where do I begin? haha. No all in all it was a good night HOWEVER I feel like certain things could have ran smoother ie during the fashion show there was ALWAYS a delay on the switching up the music like come on did we do a run through? However the ladies did work it out on the runway when the music decided it wanted to play. My favorite throught out the fashion show were the "Nappy Roots" dance routine. Omg the dancing was amazing put me right in " Coming to America" literally good job guys!

The next highlight would probably be seeing some local artists perform. Well I wouldn't really call them local at all being as none were from here lol but whatever. Some ladies came out raping and djing they were hot, they were dope I can't recall their names right now though I belive it was DDMC but Im not sure. Next highlight would be Crystal Renee's performance. I had never heard of her until last night she's really dope. It's a shame she's unsigned such good talent. However she'll "make it big" and when she does I can say I met her, got her autograph and a picture with her (my friend needs to be uploading that ASAP) thumbs up lol. She came out to meet the crowd after her set which most artists don't do I think that's why I like her aside from her singing she just seems like a people person and very sweet.

Other than that there wasn't much else I can speak on I mean come on only ONE place was giving away samples in food and it was cupcakes. I want to sample some MEAT baby AND no business out there were excepting debit cards cash only. Get with it people!!!

Anywho here are some pictures of me from yesterday. When I get the picture of Crystal Renee and I, I'll def come back and post it up my phone likes to die at the right time FAIL! I think I just got side tracked haha. Getting back on subject here are two pictures from last night. One before I left, and the other when I was actually there.

What I used:

MAC Studio Sculpt (I love this stuff Ive only been using it for about two weeks but a small amount goes along way!)

MAC select cover up concealor (amazing)

MAC concealor (for highlight)

MAC spiked eyebrow pencil

MAC browndown eyeshadow (to fill in brows more)

NYC bronzer

Maybelline gel eyliner

NYC pink lipstick

NYC clear lipgloss

I don't know the name of the blush Im sorry it's red (haha)

Clothes and jewlery all from Body Central the best sensual clothing place ever lol

I hope you guys have a fab Sunday and remember to follow me on twitter @aries_l0ve :)

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