Mz.TiffanyMarie I'm back!!

Hey dolls! I hope everyone is fab. Yes I am back. I thought about deactivating my blog and creating another one however I stopped and thought about it. I've had this blog since 2008. I've grown so much and couldn't imagaine deleting all of those memories. I have done some thinking and since I haven't made a post in about a year I want to kind of take my blog in a different direction and focus not so much on my personal life but more on what I've grown to love. As I've gotten older my love for fashion and makeup has just gone through the roof. So I look forward to taking you guys on my journey with me with spring right around the corner I can't wait to go shopping for spring attire, and get deals on makeup for different looks. Oh spring how I've missed you! I would love to stay and chat but I have to run. Chat later Mz.TiffanyMarie ♥

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