Hello everyone sorry its been so long since I've last updated with a
"real" post!!!

So this will be a quick update post.

Not much has been going on just doing alot of "me" things and as selfish as that may solund it was past due lmao. Ive recently decided to go back to school and tackle the next stepping bridge in nursing (pray for me!) and im actually excited about it! I hope I pass this test so that I can first get accepted into the program and secondly move forward in life! Im really really looking forward to seeing if I got what it takes and if I do....lets just say ill be a happy camper dont want to spoil the surprise just yet :)....

Lets see Ive also been spending alot of time with the fam. I think as you get older you forget that it's the simple things that counts and boy is my family a fool so that makes it count like 1000% more lol.

Me and mr whatever name I gave him is well i dont know. I mean I guess im not really that focused on him right now or actually any other guy (unless its the right guy and right time and blahzay blahzay blue). Just checking for I guess alittle fun or friendship hell i dont know yet to be honest lol?! I want to get back to me. To many times Ive made a post about how someone has upset me and its time to kick that shit to the curb. Its a new year and Im not trying to hear or be around any bs. Like I said Im focused on me and since making this decision Ive been super duper happy<--I know that was corny BUT so dont judge me....Lol

Im just so over the drama and headache it makes me want to scream (literally lol)and when you're through you're through trust me my contact list in the SK has gotten alot thinner lmao

Besides all of that I will say that I have been digging spending time with old friends and playing "catch up". My friends freaking rock whether you're old or new.

Let me put this in here-->If Ive spoken to you recently then DUHH this post isnt about you lmao


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