Making the decision to go back to school has seriously stressed me out!!! Im so worried about passing this test inorder to even get acceptted into the program. Its all making me feel kind of slow lol. Forreal im like now I know I havent been out of school that long how did I forget how to do this crap (its been two years)-side note I guess those cheat sheets have gotten up to me lol. Yes Ill admitt I cheated in HS but who didnt so dont judge me lol. It's not really that bad its all coming back to me...kind of slowly but as long as it kickis into gear before I take this test Im all good with that!

Not much been up except for that and working with my adorable, and fiesty residents. Lol they be giving me so much attitude at work I seriously love it!

I have no clue what is going on with me but since of I'd say the weekend whoops scratch that Monday I havent really been in the going out mood. It's a friends birthday today and man I just im stuck I said I was going to go out with her get us girls a little hotel room and just go out with the girls but I just wasnt feeling it today so I know a big FAIL on my part...I knew something was up with me when I found out (notice I said when I found out cause them hoes aint invite me!)that my sister and some folks was at they hous drinking and hangining out. Normally I would have just went over and crashed lol but I was like oh whatever Im going to bed or actually I dont remember what I really did but I know I didnt leave this house!

We'll see if Im out of this mood by tomorrow Im supposed to be going to lunch with a co-worker so that we can help eachother through this school thing. Im stronger at some of the things that shes weaker at and vice versa so this is a great combo!Now all I gotta do is drag my myslef and my brain down to that restuarant..maybe the food will put some spark in me?!

Anywho lol just getting a few things off of my mind as usual carry on!

-sidenote watching the president he's too cool for school man lol!!


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