hey gurl hey..

hey dolls!

o boy wut a wknd ive had lmao-first how r u guys doin?me u ask?iam super duper tired and sore!they worked me sooo hard last nite.i got brusies on me,my left butt cheek hurts,my rite arm is sore,and my back hurts...hmmm where the hell i work at a boxing ring?haha-i luv them all tho drivin me a bit crazy last nite trynna escape n ish *smooches*

friday nite i went out one last time with the gurls.it was a fun nite had a blast as always lol.and now everyone is off 2 skool.im gonna miss u all *smooches* and danielle we still have 2 figure oujt how 2 work my web cam u know im not all that brite haha

today was my off day so i took advantage of it which means yes honey i woke up late missed my soaps but got me sum buffalo wings (which is a plus) with sum root beer and popped me in a katt william comedy.i luv him hes so funny btw follow him and janet on twitter you guys (and of course me lol)!

wuts up for 2nitw u ask?!-not much just more lougin around with tha fam and more "relaxation"!-i think im gonna go now and bug janet on twitter i havent spoken with her n a few days lmao

anyway gonna jet now be safe and God bless ya *smooches*

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