Miss me lol

Hey dolls!

im back lol how have you all been ?!i hope all is well!

I should have left you guys with something interestin to read but ay lol...anyway work is going really well my body is a little sore but if you want things in life you gotta work for them!-btw i dont ask you guys this often but i just want to know how the Lord been to you and youre loved ones?the Lord has been sooo good to me and the ones that i care about and i pray that he is doing the same for you all ; ) !

Since its my day off today i figured id chill out and relax and watch a couple of movies..first up is first sunday-i freakin love that movie they all are so funny lmao0i just want to watch a lot of funny movies today and sip on some root beer only thing missing is sum hot wangs and a blizzard from dq ya heard!

Its almost that time of year agin when most of my friends will be leaving for skool..soooo sad but they gotta do what they gotta do!and i hope u guys all have a super duper skool year and bring home strong A'S or else lol anyway i promise we'll keep in touch this skool (better then last)-we needa do some three way calling or something haha.

You guys i cant wait to get my new phone..i want a sidekick i hear everything on that phone is free ie internet and i need that cuz i be lost when im away from tha pc and i cant get to my twitter alls i can do is send a txt or they charge me smh im sooo cheap lmao..what kind of phones do you guys have and do you think a sidekick is a good phone to get?-well im gonna get it anyway lol

Before i go some other exciting news-JANET JACKSON NOW HAS A TWITTER!!!!! im so excited im like finally lmao-she only has two tweets so far but thats better then none i freekin LOVE that lady hey gurl hey lol-i hope you and youre family are doing well-i promise i wont bug to much on twitter only 50-60 twitts from me a day haha jp lol

Im up here messing around with yall and im missing the movie lol-so imma jet now i i love you all and dont be a stranger drop me a note from time to time and i promise ill get back to you guys when i can *smooches* take care and God bless <3

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