o wut a day...

omg!!im sorry i havent been here n awhile 2 update yall on things ive just been xtremely lazy no lie lol..so anyways 2day i had my sisters dog while shes been at work n has not called ne1 2 say wen she cumn 2 get him..u know wut im not gona go there..so i got up n got him outa his kennel n put em outside no prob bout 30 mins later he wants 2 go out again no prob 5 mins later he wants 2 go out n im like man im trynna watch tv n u keep makin me hop up n down 2 let u out so i dont let em out...i go upstairs 2 wash dishes n he follows..so about a couple days he deicides hes gona b a man n strt peein with his leg up...hmm....so 2day he walks his narrow ass upstairs n lifts his leg up n pees on mamas lovely new white double door ice box how lovely bad ass..im tellin u she better hurry up n cum get him b4 i get n my car..no wait her cars n tha shop so she has mines..well w/e b4 i get n sum1s car n drop him around tha corner at sum1s chinesse resturant lmao naw im jp hes 2 beautiful n percious 4 that..but hes still a bad ass lol..well ima get on up outa here b4 he decides hes gonna chew on sum carpet on pee on my mink..then his ass would really b sumbodies dinner lol..catch yallz lataz n njoy yallz spring break..im sure not but ill tell yall all bout that sumotha day!!!

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