just here 2 say...

hello everyone!
so today my lil nephew turned 2 yay everyone clap!so 2 celebrate everyone went out 2 eat at apple bes(hes havin a bday party this wknd!)anyway so b4 we could even make it there my mother starts gettin on my nerves!i mean it wasnt even like anything serious its just that i hold so much in that wen tha littlest thing pisses me off i just wanna blow up o yell.so im trynin 2 keep my cool n she just keeps botherin me so of course im gona have sumthin smart 2 say n she has tha nerve 2 tell me that im gettin on her nerves!wut...wait..old up a sec..aint u been tha 1 messin with me since u got home now all of a sudden im gettin on yo nerves back that up a sec b4 she tart trippin again..anyways someone says sumthin 2 her n shes like if she keep actin like this she wont get no bday party next wk..im like wutever bump all that i aint want tha last 3 u threw me i just showed up...party or no party it doesnt really matter 2 me bcuz everyone who knows me know that i stay 2 myself becuz its peaceful and i dont have 2 worry about sum1 naggin at me or idk wut my problem is im just kinda dealin with alot and its like noone can see that sumthings off with me....its like im missin a huge part of me and i dont kno wut that part is..maybe if i can figure out wut that part is then mayb i wont b so quick 2 snap at ppl over tha dumbest things
anyways this house is freakin huge and tese kids cum follow me all tha way down stairs n2 tha computer room!...maybe thats wut my problem is i need time and space for me.....
happy bday lil nephew i love you very much!

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