Four Months To Long!

"Its been along time I shouldn't left you"lol.

I can't believe its been four months since my last post!Alot has happened for the best :).Since it is valentines day I'll give you the gooshy stuff first lol.There is a new guy in my life.He makes me very happy and to think that we've been knowing eachother for the longest and things are just progrssing with us.Id say Im happy with that timing is everything and slower is better!!I'm at that point where I feel like what did I do to deserve such a good guy.I feel like he's everything I've been waiting for he gets me and I know Im pretty hard to understand at times but I seem to make since to him so *kanye shrugs* lol (knock on wood!!)

What's next!School I've finally made the decision to go back to school and enter into the nursing program!I feel like I've taken the baby steps now it's time to run with the big boys!!Besides I had to wait until the feeling felt right and now it does so Im excited woot lol BUT I know I'll dread it once Im in it!!

I feel like Im excited for everything Im even excited for a new change of season wtf?!lol but winter has just done THE most to me I've been sick the entire time!Im ready for spring and rain.Im tired of slipping and sliding down the streets and seeing those huge mountains of snow evrywhere and lets not forget those freezing temps tsk tsk not for me lol!I like to look at snow but I don't like to be out in it and its being to rough on my skin I feel like a reptile :(.

Since I haven't been online in forever I think it's only fair that I mention my Janet!Did ya'll see her on dateline yesterday?!Can we say heffa had me talking in a language that doesnt exist *faints*!She looked radiant and glowie and screeeaaammmms what is Wissam doing to you hey girl hey lmao!Im excited for the book and tour.Although I wont make this tour*BOOOOOO!*and the book I can't wait to read it.Has anyone gotten it yet?!

Anyway this post has been fun and well over due!speaking of which head over to I will be updating that one aswell with a new poem and layout.Look at me on my game lol.Take care :)

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