Guess Who!!

Hello, bloggers!

Wow I can't believe I haven't been on to post since May that's crazy!And really there is no reason except for the fact that I kind of forgot I had a blog, then when I would remember I didnt feel like getting on and then you know summer came and yeah lol. But now that we are back in action I feel like I have sooooo much to post about just dont know where to start. You would think that after five months of no posting I'd be all over the place with a super duper exciting post WRONG! lol.

Not much to say especially since I decided to go "into hiding" for awhile from pretty much everyone. I kind of just got fed up and decided that I would be unreachable but after some thinking and some time away from friends I'm finally ready to get back out there sometimes I need that away time. May sound crazy but whatever!

I hope everyone had a great summer and a great start to fall! I'm excited all the holidays are starting to roll again. Halloween's almost here and I must say this that if anyone over the age of 14 comes ring my door bell talking about some trick or treat and there is not a child present with you I will be shutting the door in your face lol none of that nonsense!!

Anywho I got to go talk to yall next time.I promise it won't take five months lmao

ALSO HEAD OVER TO I havent updated that one since December (I know bad) BUT a new poem will be coming shortly :)

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