Un-thoughtful rant...lol

Hey guys finally got my blog set up through my sidekick perfect for times like this!
I just have so much on my mind right now that even I don't know where to begin.Of course without naming any names (i do like to stay private....right...lol)lets jump into it shall we?

First lets start with a question am I the only person sick of always having to be the "reacher"sort to speak?I mean its almost like if I dont reach out then theres nothing. I guess its not that big of a deal I just...maybe this post wasnt a good idea since I'm choosing to give up to many details it almost makes telling this story kind of pointless!Well maybe the "who's" Ima referring to will read it and catch a clue, yeah that's like slim to none lol

Its not that I cant give all the details its just those nosey people that know me know me that read my blog (which is cool I wouldnt have a blog if I didnt mind people reading it)however what I write about and the things that I say rather it be on here twitter or my FB is how I feel and I should be able to say whatever I want to say without YOU or YALL gossiping because at the end of the day just because yall know my fam doesnt mean you know ME.And dont say it doesnt make since because YOU know what Im talking about and YOU know it does ;).childdddd that really struck a nerve within me leave what I say where I said it lol...

Iam all off subject of what I initally wanted to talk about!see how my mind runs can't even keep my thoughts seperate!*screamssssssss*anywho this is really just a rant obviously see how choppy this post is.Getting back into the swing of things upcoming post will be an "update"so much has happened!

catch yall laterr

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