guess wut u guyz...its officially summer break!yay everyone is comin home!!!although 4 me ill b startin skool here n a few wks...wut n tha hell possed me 2 take summer classes?!lmao..n all my time on this earth i have yet 2 take a summer class!but ay i wanna knock this whole skool outta tha ball park so i gotta do wut i gotta do rite?

arent u guys so xcited 4 summer?!i kno must b all tha cold weather we've had here well after december i mean cum on it snowed n march 4 cryin out loud!im ready 2 slipde tha roof off my car n let tha warm summer breeze hit me on tha top of my head lmao..and plus yall kno i just got my car washed n has yet 2 b drivin n lng distances since ive been well now yay!

now all i need 2 do is get my toe nails done(i luv french tips on my toesy they always look really cute!)and im gonna home style streak my hair(cum on now yall know im cheap lol) and my sister r gonna try it out later on 2nite.its gonn black with red not goin 4 that ghetto look so i hope it doesnt cum out that way*screams*ha..anyways ill b sure 2 post pics on tha after math of it all im so xcited 2 c if it better otherwise i want my wole 5 dollars back..thats a whole meal at mcdonalds or popeyes...dont judge me!:)

also this summer im gonna try n keep it healthy and start my workout startin next week and im super xcited!i feel like such a fat cow and i wanna drop atleast 10 lbs...i mite even splurge and buy that kim kardashian fit ur jeans by friday workout dvd..nah ill cum up with my own routine lol...hopefully ill b able 2 stick with it..pray 4 me! idea just occured 2 me i shud post like weekly pics of myself and how much i weigh 2 make sure i stay ontop of my a game.u guys have followed me this long u mite as well follow me on this journey..COME ON LETS GET PHYSICALLY FIT TOGETHERE!thatll b tha start of each workout topic.

well gotta chck phone msgs..idk y ppl call me yall kno i never answer and rarely call back new signature shud b :plz if u xpect 2 hear back from me drop it n a txt..bsides this is day time minutes yall trippin lol

i love you all Tiff xoxo

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